An ant infestation is hard to fight. Ants are persistent. They’re so small that they’re almost impossible to block from an area, and they invade your space in large numbers.

When you’re trying to combat an ant infestation, contact ShOO! Wildlife & Pest Control for backup. We’ll provide ant removal services in Colorado Springs, CO.

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You can count on our pest control team to get to work quickly. We’ll inspect your property, assess the problem, provide ant removal and help you prevent the ant problem from recurring.

How can you prevent an ant infestation?

To prevent ants from invading your space, you need to identify and eliminate the things that draw them into your building.
Ants are attracted to:

  • Water
  • Food, crumbs and garbage
  • Entry points like holes in drywall

To learn how to eradicate these ant attractants completely, speak with us today. Our pest control experts will work hard to help you prevent ant infestation.