A relaxing evening in bed can turn into a night of terror when you notice two little peaks hanging from your ceiling. While bats are cool to watch in movies or television, they're not so cool when they've entered your home. Instead of panicking, call ShOO! Wildlife & Pest Control for bat removal service.

We use safe and ethical methods to remove bats from your home or office. To schedule your animal control service in Colorado Springs, CO, call 719-523-3420.

How can bats enter your home?

Watching bats on documentaries is fascinating. When they're in your home, however, the only thing you're fascinated by is how they got into your home. Check out these common ways that bats can enter your home:

  • Through loose shingles
  • Through gaps in fascia
  • Through openings in your attic

You'll feel safe knowing we use nontoxic products and ethical methods to remove bats from your home.

Schedule bat removal service for your home or office in Colorado Springs, CO today.