When you’re dealing with a roach infestation, you can’t settle for just any removal services. You need roach removal that you know will be effective and thorough.

ShOO! Wildlife & Pest Control of Colorado Springs, CO provides powerful, comprehensive and dependable roach removal service. We can eliminate cockroaches on your property with confidence. Call 719-523-3420 today to arrange pest control services with local pros.

Common cockroaches in our area

Colorado Springs, CO is, unfortunately, home to several types of cockroaches. We can identify them in order to provide targeted pest control.

The most common cockroaches in our area are:

  • German: These small roaches are often found near food.
  • American: These are found in commercial buildings more often than in homes. Unlike the other cockroaches in this list, which are mostly small, these can grow up to two inches long.
  • Brown-banded: These tend to infest dry, warm places like appliances or televisions.
  • Oriental: These strong-smelling cockroaches live in cool, damp areas like basements.

We’ll eradicate any of these cockroaches with effective techniques and organic treatments. If you’re dealing with roaches, count on us to help.

How can you prevent an ant infestation?

To prevent ants from invading your space, you need to identify and eliminate the things that draw them into your building.
Ants are attracted to:

  • Water
  • Food, crumbs and garbage
  • Entry points like holes in drywall

To learn how to eradicate these ant attractants completely, speak with us today. Our pest control experts will work hard to help you prevent ant infestation.